Our Vision

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The OMHS vision for the future had been to build an animal shelter of adequate size to accommodate the needs of pets in Richland County who are awaiting permanent loving homes. OMHS is now realizing this vision with our beautiful new adoption center.  In November 2015, OMHS closed on the purchase of a building at 391 Clarson Street in Richland Center, which is now used to house all of the felines under the wing of the organization. The Haseltine Adoption Center still houses those felines who need more consistent daily visitors to become better socialized.

Since its humble beginnings in 2001, the Ocooch Mountain Humane Society has slowly but continually grown towards the goal of owning its own shelter. Our newly-purchased building is now retrofitted to meet the needs of housing cats and kittens in a safe, clean, well-managed cage-free facility, where the felines can be socialized by volunteers.
The new building is over 3,000 square feet and will house all of the cats and kittens in one location.  This is a much more convenient arrangement for the volunteers and the Adoption Coordinators who have traveled and worked to maintain two, small shelter faciltiies for several years. It will also help potential adopters who will be able to interview the cats and kittens in one central location.

Cat Adoptions: The new shelter building at 391 Clarson St. has a wonderful facility for cats and kittens to thrive. The cage-free environment and the clean, fresh air are just two components of the temporary living for felines. The HVAC is engineered to be clean, cool, and fresh! Cat trees, toys, plenty of litterboxes, food and clean water make life comfortable as they await a forever home. The large rooms that provide cage-free living are not crowded and the cats can sleep where they wish and play whenever the mood strikes them.
Shelter hours: Wednesdays 4:30-6p, Saturdays 10a-12p

Dog Adoptions: Like the previous buildings used by OMHS, the new building will not accommodate dogs awaiting adoption at this time.  However, OMHS does continue to adopt dogs into loving homes.  The dogs ready for adoption are in foster homes, where the family household environment allows excellent canine socialization and transitioning of the dogs into  new homes. Call 608-604-7848.