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Moon is a lovely adult cat.  She is shy at first but she would blossom in her forever home.
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Cute little Boots.  She is 3 years old and ready for her new home.  Boots is very sweet.


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May is a very beautiful young adult cat.  She is a bit shy but she loves to be petted.  May will come out her shell when she is in her forever home.


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Handsome Maine Coon mix.  A bit shy but so worth the effort.  Clay has a sweet temperament and he does like to be petted once he gets to know you.  Be prepared to make a few trips to the shelter to get to know this wonderful cat.


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Boots is about 2 years old.  She is a petite girl with a friendly and outgoing personality.  Boots will be a wonderful addition to any loving family.


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Thelma is a very lovely 6 year old girl.  She is mellow but she loves to talk.  Thelma has been waiting a long time for her forever home.  She is a real sweetheart.


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Ava is an adult tuxedo cat with a spunky personality.  Ava loves being the Shelter Office Cat and she would prefer going to a home where she can be the only cat.  Ava is very friendly and she loves to play.


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Erika is a petite adult cat with extra toes (polydactyl).  She is tiger with calico markings.  Erika gets along well with other cats or she would love being in an only cat household.  She's a little stand-offish at first but a few cat treats will bring her out of her shell.


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Melody is a sweet adult cat.  She has a lovely black coat and cute vampire fangs.  Melody is shy at first but she warms up quickly.


Darren20170226 9991 1fjdqpl
Darrin is a bit shy but he loves being petted.  He has so much potential to be a great family cat.  He is a big guy and extremely handsome.  Darrin gets along well with other cats too.


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Louise is a sweet and feisty adult cat.  She had beautiful black fur and lovely amber eyes.  Louise has a cute meow too.  She will be a wonderful family companion.


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David is a quiet and shy young cat but he loves a soft pet.  He will come out of his shell when he reaches his forever home.  He has such a sweet face.


20170508 17520820170608 24402 igoztw
Chloe is a young adult that loves to play and explore.  She will make a wonderful and loving family companion.


Della20170226 9991 mzm7vu
Della is a sweet and very affectionate kitty. She will make a great companion for any home. She likes kids and other cats, although it is unknown if she likes dogs. She is fully vaccinated and spayed at this time.


Dewayne20170226 6020 i4p7e4
Dewayne is a very friendly and outgoing companion. He is always first in line for food and treats! Although he has a few pounds to lose, with a home of his own, this will be an easy task with all the new rooms to explore!


Andrew20170226 6020 1hazhi6
Andrew is a beautiful guy with a shiny black coat.  He is 2 1/2 years old.  Andrew is shy at first but he warms up with patient petting. He would really love to find a home of his own. He is fully vaccinated and neutered at this time.