Successful Fund Raiser, December 22!

Vilas Craig and the Vicounts concert on Saturday was a fine success!
Vilas chose to benefit for Ocooch Mountain Humane Society and the Richland Area Food Pantry with the concert!
250 people attended the celebration concert of 60 years of performance by Vilas Craig and his band!
Many of the 250 people danced to rock and roll music from their high school years and beyond.  Songs such as Blue Suede Shoes, Peggy Sue, Tequila and many, many others brought back memories of earlier times. It was a great time for the community to come together before the holiday and share the fun.
OMHS and the Food Pantry thank Vilas, the band, the Phoenix Center, OMHS volunteers, and the many fans for their support and enjoyment of this wonderful evening of music.
Have a safe and happy 2019.